The 4 Reasons Why Babies Cry And How To Calm Them

The first time parents are usually the ones having some panic problems whenever babies cry. It can’t be helped that we get too worried because they can’t talk yet to tell us what’s happening or if something is wrong. Don’t worry. Crying is normal for the babies because it’s their way of communicating with you. Here are the reasons why babies cry and what it means.

1. Cry of hunger

Babies cry if they are hungry. Of course, they can’t talk yet, so the best way to get your attention is through crying. They easily get hungry because they are only taking liquid to soft solid foods. The only solution is to feed them, and you’ll see that they will stop crying the instant they are full.

2. Tummy aches

As a parent, it is terrible to see your child crying, and you are clueless of what going on. You might have already tried feeding them, but they are still crying. It could be a problem with their tummy that is common for a newborn. Colic or gas issues are the top reasons for stomach aches. Ask your paediatrician about some colic drops that can ease the pain. You can also rub their tummy gently to take out the gas inside.

3. Baby burp

Grown-Ups are not the only ones who require a good burp after eating. Babies need it as well because they can also feel bloated from what they ate. If you have already fed them yet the crying continues, position them to be able to burp to release the air. You’ll be surprised to see them sound asleep after burping.

4. Dirty Diapers

You need to make sure that their diapers are always clean. Babies get irritated if it’s wet or dirty and they will not stop wailing about it. Aside from that, it should always be clean to make sure that they are safe from a lot of bacteria from urine that can cause some infection.

The next time you hear your baby cry, check if it’s because of these top four reasons. There’s no need for panic because now, you already know how to pacify them.

The 4 Best Foods For Your Babies At An Early Age

Babies grow fast, and before you know it, they can already eat a lot of solid foods. As early as four months, you can already start giving solid foods to your babies so they can get more nutrition that their body needs. Here are the best foods for babies that you can give them even at an early age.

1. Blueberries

Of course, it is not advisable that you provide them with the blueberries as is. What you can do is mash it and serve with a little yoghurt. It is excellent for the babies because it contains a lot of antioxidants. It can help in improving the eyesight and brain development of your child.

2. Yoghurt

During this time on your baby’s development, their bones are rapidly growing. They need a lot of calcium so that they will have healthy bones. Give your child plain yoghurt. Do not opt for flavored yoghurts that contain a lot of artificial flavors. If you want to incorporate some fruits, it’s fine as long as you will use fresh fruits. You can mash or puree it anyway.

3. Winter squash

The eyes of your baby are still developing at this point. Make sure to give them foods that are high in beta-carotene to help them with their eyesight. Winter squash also contains vitamin c that can boost the immune system of your babies.

4. Dark leafy vegetables

Most kids grow up with no appetite for vegetables. The dark leafy green veggies are good for your children because there are multiple vitamins that you can get from it. You can start with an ample amount of these veggies that way the babies will be able to tolerate the taste of it.

There should be no problem in giving them the fruits, but the veggies are another case. Most babies don’t like the taste of it. One advice I can give based on experience is that you should let them see you eat it first and be vocal on how good it taste. Don’t ever show them a facial expression that what you’re eating is something that doesn’t taste good.

The Top 3 Things That You Should Consider When Choosing A Milk Formula

We all know that the breast milk is what‘s best for babies but there are a lot of instances that the milk coming from the mothers is not enough to feed the children. There are also cases that no matter how much a mother wants to breast feed, she can’t because there’s no milk. Given those circumstances, we need to use of the formula milk that are available. It is important though that we choose the right milk for the benefit of our babies. Check out the things that you need to consider when choosing the right formula.

1. Nutritional value

The first year of the babies is crucial, and the food we give them is important. They need to grow, and for them to be able to do that, they would need enough nutrients that can be used by their growing body. You need to make sure that there will be enough protein and carbohydrates in the milk formula you will choose.

2. The form of the milk formula

You need to choose the right one if you will be giving your baby the ready to use milk or the one that comes in a powder form. Parents usually make use of the powdered formula whereas you need to mix it with water because the ready to use milk might still be too early for the little ones.

3. Financial Capability

Milk formula doesn’t come with a cheap price. Some of the formulas are very expensive. You need to choose based on what milk can you afford because it’s hard to change the milk once it has been given to the child. Continuous changes to the milk formula can cause problems in the baby’s digestive system.

As a parent, we need to make the right choice for our babies. Choose the right milk formula that will benefit them the most based on the top things that you should consider.