Bike Trailer for kids

Bike Trailers are the perfect way to get the family out into nature on their bikes and before you buy a bike trailer for you kids, it’s important to consider when you and your family will use the bike trailer.  From all-terrain  bike trailers to basic day-trip, all weather trailers, there are lots of options to meet every family’s needs and requirements.

Stroller Attachments

One of the most common complaints about bike trailers involve their stroller attachments. If you are looking to use your trailer as a double stroller, be sure to buy a bike trailer that can easily convert to the type of stroller you needs. The most simple stroller attachments entail a small wheel on the end of the trailer arm, serve the purpose of a stroller, but they also receive the most complaints from the parents. Jogging and running attachments are also common within the bike trailers, but they can be really difficult to turn when used for daily outings and excursions. The higher-end bike trailers can be converted to a four-wheeled stroller, and the parents seem to really like this feature, we guess you get what you pay for?!  Most Chariot trailer models come as a standard, four-wheeled stroller, except for the Chinook model that comes as a three-wheeled stroller.

Size of bike trailer

When transporting one or two kids on your bike, the age and size of your kids should be one of the most important factors when purchasing a bike trailer. While most bike trailers come in single,double and even triple versions, the internal dimensions of the trailer can vary greatly between different bike trailer brands. This is really important as the higher the dimensions, the more space your children will have. The most expensive brands such as the Chariot trailers normally provide the most legroom, while the Burley trailers that are also at the higher end scale such as the Solo and Cub have bowed out the sides which provides additional shoulder and legroom.

Types of Seating

If you are trailing two kids, the strength of the bike trailer seat is another important section to keep in mind to prevent the kids from sliding into one another. The lower-end models normally create a seat by using simple nylon straps, which are almost certain to loosen over time, causing your kids to be squashed together. The Higher-end models are mostly made with a bench-style seat that prevents the bike trailer from bending.

Bottom of the Trailer

The material that your child puts their feet on is perhaps the most obvious feature to distinguish the quality of the bike trailer. Trailers, such as the InStep Sierra – that you can see by clicking here –  use quite thin material, that is essentially see through fabric, while other models such as Chariots, use a thicker version of the same fabric. For a more increased durability to the bike trailer, a hard rubber bottom is available on some of the other higher-end models.


While all bike trailers fold away very easily for storage, some will fold away easier and much smaller than others. If you have a small car trunk, or limited house space, be sure to check the “fold away” dimensions of the bike trailer to ensure it can fit in the space you desire. Quick-release wheels are also another important feature, especially if you are looking to store the bike stroller on a daily basis.

Which bike trailer best suits your needs?

Now that you have a great idea what to look for in purchasing the best bike trailer for kids, why not take a look at our best bike trailers at We have carefully selected the best bike trailers to ensure you have an informed decision for choosing the best for you and your family.

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