The 4 Reasons Why Babies Cry And How To Calm Them

The first time parents are usually the ones having some panic problems whenever babies cry. It can’t be helped that we get too worried because they can’t talk yet to tell us what’s happening or if something is wrong. Don’t worry. Crying is normal for the babies because it’s their way of communicating with you. Here are the reasons why babies cry and what it means.

1. Cry of hunger

Babies cry if they are hungry. Of course, they can’t talk yet, so the best way to get your attention is through crying. They easily get hungry because they are only taking liquid to soft solid foods. The only solution is to feed them, and you’ll see that they will stop crying the instant they are full.

2. Tummy aches

As a parent, it is terrible to see your child crying, and you are clueless of what going on. You might have already tried feeding them, but they are still crying. It could be a problem with their tummy that is common for a newborn. Colic or gas issues are the top reasons for stomach aches. Ask your paediatrician about some colic drops that can ease the pain. You can also rub their tummy gently to take out the gas inside.

3. Baby burp

Grown-Ups are not the only ones who require a good burp after eating. Babies need it as well because they can also feel bloated from what they ate. If you have already fed them yet the crying continues, position them to be able to burp to release the air. You’ll be surprised to see them sound asleep after burping.

4. Dirty Diapers

You need to make sure that their diapers are always clean. Babies get irritated if it’s wet or dirty and they will not stop wailing about it. Aside from that, it should always be clean to make sure that they are safe from a lot of bacteria from urine that can cause some infection.

The next time you hear your baby cry, check if it’s because of these top four reasons. There’s no need for panic because now, you already know how to pacify them.